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LiveU delivers the complete solution for Remote At-Home Production (REMI) with Precision Timing™, ensuring wireless synchronization of multiple live video sources.

This allows you to reduce costs by producing multi-camera live events from a centralized studio control room instead of on-site production and satellite trucks. In addition, only a minimal staff is needed on site – critical with today’s social distancing guidelines.

How does LiveU Remote Production work?

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First Production-Level Field Unit

Remote multi-cam production is taken to a completely new level with LiveU’s LU800 production-level field unit.

Featuring LiveU’s advanced multi-camera capabilities, the LU800 offers up to four 1080p60 fully frame-synced feeds from a single portable unit, using IP bonding of up to 14 connections. More cameras can be added as needed using additional LiveU units with complete wireless synchronization between the feeds, using LiveU Precision Timing™.

Feed selection can be managed flexibly either from the remote studio or locally from the unit, allowing you to go live under the most challenging bandwidth conditions.

IP Pipe – Next Level Remote Production

LiveU’s IP Pipe gives you remote control over a wide-range of network-based equipment such as robotic/PTZ cameras and Camera Control Units (CCUs). Operating in parallel to live transmission, IP Pipe further increases your operational efficiency and cost savings – equipping your remote teams with new management and control capabilities over their field-based IP gear.

Rich Set of Remote Production Tools

LiveU offers a wide-range of production tools, supporting
intuitive and smooth communication between your onsite
crew and your remote production team

Video Return

High-quality, low delay teleprompter or studio
feeds; can be displayed on the unit’s screen or on
any type of external device

Audio Connect

Two-way field-station audio communication –
available for both the talent and the camera

Tally Light

Real-time tally indication based on the
studio’s production mixer

Save up to 70% off your production costs

No SAT truck or SAT uplink/downlink time

No onsite production truck or location needed

Reduce onsite personnel travel and equipment shipping expenses

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