• “Using LiveU as a source camera feed to a studio thousands of kilometers away was definitely an incredible experience, it’s really opened my eyes and swayed me – it’s a game-changer that’s going to alter broadcasting forever.”

    Gavin Carter, Director, Moonsport

  • “The whole advantage of LiveU is that you’re simply flying to a venue, you plug your camera into the pack, and you turn the pack on.”

    Trent Key, Managing Director, Moonsport

  • “We never had any latency issues. All cameras were always in sync. From a video side, we had full communication with the
    camera crew and that is fantastic. The REMI studio will allow Moonsport to take on more than one production on a daily basis.”

    Wayne Van Schalkwyk, Studio Engineer, Moonsport

  • “The excitement when those first images came through; they were clean, they were crisp, sharp and it worked. It was hugely exciting... it is the future of sports broadcasting on every level.”

    Ilana Gordon, Graphics Director, Moonsport

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